Last discussion of every other day 0704  私と私の仕事について

How do you think you, as an architect, see the world differently from other people?

This question is that I want to ask.  I do not understand oneself well. And  I cannot also compare it objectively.Probably the mind pursuing the universality will be my instinct. So I always ask myself.I in me always give answers. He is not social. Therefore the answer is easy to produce friction with the society. I do it how most of my work reduce the friction. Besides I don't understand well why many architects try to make a cheep architecture of consumption immediately.I think that we demand the connection with eternal life through the work. I can not find my future. But I don't wish myself become famous, only wish my work is known by more people.But It will be also difficult for me not to wish to be evaluated by the biased value standard such as competition and awards. Just I want gone with body and soul even all of the work from now on.



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