Discussion of every other day 0617  差別と平等について

The field of architecture in Japan is a very male-dominated place of work. For women architects in Japan who enjoy their work and hope to dedicate their life's work to making good buildings, what are struggles that they face? And there are also universities with architecture programs just for women. How are women architects taught or treated differently than men in Japan?

Will there be the equality in our society. I do not think so. It is only natural if there is it. The world of architecture that you will try to live for also  is a male-dominated society as your say. Gender, ability, religion, race and so on, the various hierarchy will exist in every society. I am not interested at all. I am not even in a society activists also politician.You are trying to become the specialist of architecture aren't you? Such you are interested in them, may anything be meaningful? Will you think that you can do anything? There should be more that neither I nor you can do it. Please make an effort to make your proud thing grow up rather than look at such a weak(or dislike) thing. At first you should admit your weak thing and give it up. And Have the courage to focus on your proud thing. The one is much meaningful both society and you. Become a politicians,if you can not abandoned interest in the hierarchy of society. If you would like to live in a architecture, there is no time to have a look away. Your personality is useful for the society, and considerable time and effort are necessary till yourself come to be able to be satisfied. The life is not so long. If you will try to work in the society now, almost all people have ability than you. Make an effort to reduce even alone the people. Not enough it alone. And you find what only you can. I still fight against it every day. The growth stops at the moment when I thought that oneself is a human being with the talent. You have to admit what you can not and concentrate on what you can. The innovation is hard to be born from people that can do wisely. Be interested inward of yourself without being interested outside. Become humble and admonish yourself. I say again. Notice the your personality. And please make an effort to grow it. There is no time.  

Stay foolish!


Stay foolish!

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