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What do you think makes architecture human? Many architects strive to build real spaces for real people but their buildings often become functional without evoking deeper human needs.

Various architecture are born every day. The most are not at all interested in me. I may be interested in a small part of the architecture as bad example. My interested has been devoting entirely to an outstanding past architecture and the real society. I have spent looking forward to meet with the architecture that have not yet born while thinking about what I only can do in the few remaining time while writhing every day.

I have concerned with some stuff until from past to now.I only have worked my best with them  at that time, I have no awareness that I educated and brought up them.
Though I don't expect how they will become, I wish that the working in my office is useful for their architecture life.It is not so easy for them to continue to follow a belief sincerely and to be honesty themselves. I think that it is good to do their best at the place to be given. It is happy enough only it can do.

 Continue to the last talking.
The innovation is the result and is not the purpose. And Architecture is not a tool to create an innovation. It should not be asked the value of architecture in function and design and novelty. There is the value  in the same way as the presence of human. If you will judge everything with only a social ruler, You will misjudge the essence of things. It is important to consider the architecture with a ruler learned from philosophy and religion. Will it be only me that there seem to be many architectures  which philosophy and a religious viewpoint are lacking in in a novel ones?




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