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Mies van der Rohe said that architecture is the will of its time translated into space. How do you understand time in your architecture?

This is the famous words that Mies mentioned. But I never influenced by it. It merely mentioned the fact. The architecture should be discussed based on the fact that what is happening now. As we try to discuss Just a little of the future of "the newness", we're to confusion. Essentially bad things is selection and disappear, only essentially good things will remain. Old things are bad, nor is it mean that may be because new things. It should be determined and what appeals to the senses of people. Just what it is "the will of its time".

People will continue to live beyond the generations. But just the "Way of live"is changed along the times. There is the truth of architecture in "living And the good architecture is born in a person living well. Therefore you should do it as you think. It remain as long as it's the essentially good, only disappearing been selected otherwise. The selection is not badness. That is the will of its time too.

So you should persist what you believe the truth.It is not necessary to mind an evaluation and a result. If no results are obtained,  not only in the time did not match with oneself. "Live well"for me is what I find out "immortally" to dwell in myself. One of the keyword "silence". Because just it's indulgences to approach a creation of God.

Mies mentioned  such this too.
"Form is one that comes out as a result, not in our purpose. Does not exist in the form itself alone. That the form is a purpose it is formalism."

Toyoo Ito mentioned,
Invariance and eternity of architecture let the people follow the architecture, let have tied the people in the house,  and all egoism such as the authority, the demonstrations, the exclusiveness of the architecture must produce from there. So if there can be flexible architecture enough to follow always it as a center of the act of people by reversing this state, it's what should be most <comfortable> architecture for the body of people.

Aside from a good or bad of this discourse, this is the paradox that some Japanese top architects have fallen definitely. So there is nothing for me but to look of their architecture is childish.







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