Discussion of every other day 0529

When you listen to materials, do they have a gender? For example, is concrete femine or masculine?

When I think about a material,I try not to have stereotype. 
Natural materials are hidden a lot of the possibilities just not what we noticed.
So if we are honesty and obedient to ourself,it gives an answer of more than expected.
If you trust yourself strongly,they will surely meet your expectation.
It is my originality that I try to often use concrete as masculine material.
I think you may be caught in any image material, if you do not just even to forgot wish that material rejoice.

Universality is born in freedom and tolerance.
We must take care to stereotype.
Even if you have used the masculine material masculine, it is not necessarily become masculine architecture。
The feeling of your architecture is born from your unconsciousness.

The unconsciousness is born from living well.

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