Discussion of every other day 0523

Do you think architects need a religion or a deep philosophy to make good architecture? Louis Kahn talks about architecture beginning from "the immeasurable"; Peter Zumthor talks about the presence of "something bigger in the world"; and the Japanese understanding of materials borrows from the infinite power of nature.

In order to design  good architecture, it is necessary to send a fulfilling life.Therefore a view on religion (not a religion) and a philosophy is necessary for us. 
Why is a view of religion rather than a religion?  Sadly religion make a division there is also a school of philosophy. What I want to create is a universality.
So when I design, I am not brought a particular religion and philosophy.Sure thing is just life and love for us.My architecture of subject is there. But I think very good thing to believe in a religion and philosophy in each for us to live well. 

 "The immeasurable" and "something bigger in the world" that I interpret is just life and love. Life and love is evidently the infinite power of nature.

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