Discussion of every other day 0509

I want to ask you about the shape of some architecture.

I try to make a simple and easily understandable shape as possible.
Especially in the plan, it likes a traditional japanese architecture and a old western church.
Eccentric, radical,and novelty shape and plan disturb the architecture that I want to make.
We can make a architecture beautiful enough, though if it is a simple like a traditional japanese architecture. If you can not make a beautiful architecture,I think it's because that you can not throw away the selfishness. We can make  beautiful things even in a situation that we can not be expressed freely our originality as realistic painting. I think the beauty is born from there has reached a certain universality. I think that I do not try to find temporary beauty and novelty to a architecture. 

Why do Hachiryu House and new project have a cylindrical shape?

I have  clear some reasons.
If I can say a few reasons,

About Hachiryu house,
1, From the image of family, especially the husband is a little fat, he was like the Poo.
2, Since I thought to a round house to that site look good.

About new project
1,The client required a simple, no useless and functional house with no passage.

The impression has no reason.
The rich imagination isn't born from limited functions and meaning.
It should not think a architecture analytically.
You should believe yourself.
Be honest in your impulses and thoughts in your mind.
There is no need to hurry.
Someday originality is born naturally, if you keep think the architecture

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