Discusion of every other day 0428

What are the roles of the structural/mechanical/electrical engineers in your projects? For example, in the Shinohara house, does the structural engineer just give you advice on how to make a stronger building or do you also give him your design and he calculates the size of every wood beam for you? Also, what other consultants you work with (ie. cost consultant)?

When I design a residence, I do not have to consult other except for the structural designer.
Almost whom I consult is a craftsman, because of asking them about the making method in the site.
When I design, I almost decide the way of the structure and the joint design and the size of every wood beam by my self.
Just as I will design also for electrical work and plumbing work.
After that engineers give me some advice, I seek a solution many times, leading to a final plan.
So if you want to do high perfection design, you need to know a specialized knowledge that what is possible and what is impossible.

If you have a specialized knowledge, it will increase the freedom of design.

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