Discusion of every other day 0420

I want to know about the usual prosess from first contact with clients until to start of architecture construction in case of Uno office.

A first contact is recently almost e-mail.
I ask their budget, the location, the time of completion and what they hope me, etc in my first sending reply.
And I make the budget document and send it soon.
The budget document is proposed to all budget for housing construction.
I explain to them how house or how large you can get in reference it.
I have decided to meet them for the first time after getting their consent.
I will try to be to make a relationship of trust, while for some time between meetings.
As concrete content of the meetings, to my meeting is almost the thing of budget and function.
I rarely be meeting them about the design thing and sensuous thing.
As there isn't a manual in a meeting process, I think that the it should be a original way too.
If you have to do, you can't make a true original architecture.

If we have enough time, I want to know about the prosess of some cases of architectures that Uno office undertook.

I do not feel the meaning and the need to talk about it.
In future you must keep groping that by yourself.
To getting own originality is so lonely.

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