Discusion of every other day 0414

How do you see Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn, Le Corbusier and Peter Zumthor treating materials differently?

I think that the basic attitude is same.
That is to listen to the material's voice.

About Mies van der Rohe
Although Mies seem easy to understand, it is very difficult to put the affectivity in the limited material and simple structure as haiku and tanka.
So the simplicity of mies looks japanese style.

About Louis Kahn
I think the words to describe him "honesty"
I think his architecture does not have a relaxed and freedom, because he was trying to make, while strictly respecting the will of the material.

About Le Corbusier
Cor's way of treating a material is bold and very frank.
That is so strong and powerful so as there is no space that an evil thoughts gets into.
Still I feel his talent of genus where he was properly used skillfully one side of tactician and sensitivity like the child.

About Peter Zumthor
I very feel the humor in Zumthor's architecture.
I think that he even now designs architecture at the world of child.
Because fantasy and the reality are contradicting things, I sometimes feel it slightly uneasy.

I think that I want to make the architecture getting the simplicity of Mies van der Rohe and the honesty of Louis Kahn and the daring of Corbusier and the humor of Peter Zumthor.

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