Discusion of every other day 0428

What are the roles of the structural/mechanical/electrical engineers in your projects? For example, in the Shinohara house, does the structural engineer just give you advice on how to make a stronger building or do you also give him your design and he calculates the size of every wood beam for you? Also, what other consultants you work with (ie. cost consultant)?

When I design a residence, I do not have to consult other except for the structural designer.
Almost whom I consult is a craftsman, because of asking them about the making method in the site.
When I design, I almost decide the way of the structure and the joint design and the size of every wood beam by my self.
Just as I will design also for electrical work and plumbing work.
After that engineers give me some advice, I seek a solution many times, leading to a final plan.
So if you want to do high perfection design, you need to know a specialized knowledge that what is possible and what is impossible.

If you have a specialized knowledge, it will increase the freedom of design.


Discusion of every other day 0420

I want to know about the usual prosess from first contact with clients until to start of architecture construction in case of Uno office.

A first contact is recently almost e-mail.
I ask their budget, the location, the time of completion and what they hope me, etc in my first sending reply.
And I make the budget document and send it soon.
The budget document is proposed to all budget for housing construction.
I explain to them how house or how large you can get in reference it.
I have decided to meet them for the first time after getting their consent.
I will try to be to make a relationship of trust, while for some time between meetings.
As concrete content of the meetings, to my meeting is almost the thing of budget and function.
I rarely be meeting them about the design thing and sensuous thing.
As there isn't a manual in a meeting process, I think that the it should be a original way too.
If you have to do, you can't make a true original architecture.

If we have enough time, I want to know about the prosess of some cases of architectures that Uno office undertook.

I do not feel the meaning and the need to talk about it.
In future you must keep groping that by yourself.
To getting own originality is so lonely.


備忘録    言葉

"What's called brand is the value that another person decided after all. Not the value that oneself found, It is based on the value that another person decided. Somehow sad feel, and it will not say to be freedom mentally at least.

今の彼を思うと信じられない言葉であるが、人は自らを冷静に見つめるということがどれほど難しいかを教えられるという2重の意味においても、とても価値のある言葉だと思う.                      ー自称弟子より

Although it is impossible foe me to remember him, I think this is the very valuable words including a double meaning how difficult have that a person stares at oneself calmly.                                                                                            


Discusion of every other day 0414

How do you see Mies van der Rohe, Louis Kahn, Le Corbusier and Peter Zumthor treating materials differently?

I think that the basic attitude is same.
That is to listen to the material's voice.

About Mies van der Rohe
Although Mies seem easy to understand, it is very difficult to put the affectivity in the limited material and simple structure as haiku and tanka.
So the simplicity of mies looks japanese style.

About Louis Kahn
I think the words to describe him "honesty"
I think his architecture does not have a relaxed and freedom, because he was trying to make, while strictly respecting the will of the material.

About Le Corbusier
Cor's way of treating a material is bold and very frank.
That is so strong and powerful so as there is no space that an evil thoughts gets into.
Still I feel his talent of genus where he was properly used skillfully one side of tactician and sensitivity like the child.

About Peter Zumthor
I very feel the humor in Zumthor's architecture.
I think that he even now designs architecture at the world of child.
Because fantasy and the reality are contradicting things, I sometimes feel it slightly uneasy.

I think that I want to make the architecture getting the simplicity of Mies van der Rohe and the honesty of Louis Kahn and the daring of Corbusier and the humor of Peter Zumthor.


ぜんぶ手でつくる 7

7 ディテールへの思い



  • その建築に最も似合うものを作りたい。
  • みたことのないもの、この世にないものを作りたい。
  • 素材が歓ぶものにしたい。
  • クライアントのために作りたい。
  • 自分へのチャレンジ。
  • ぜんぶ手でつくりたい。
  • 職人が楽しんでくれるものを作りたい。



I am recently busy to check the drawing, because of the constracution has bigan.The drawing in the photo is the lighting of the jousai house. I have checked it many times for months, at last I try to check it last time now. The day of handing over to the craftman is close to. I hold out to the last. Perhaps if I stop my work of this detail,  my office work will be about half. But I keep going it. The details, because there is the truth there.
  • I want make the best matched thing for the architecture.
  • I want make the invisible thing and the thing that dose not exist in this world.
  • I want to what material rejoice.
  • I want make for the client.
  • For my challenge.
  • I want make all by hands.
  • I want make the thing that craftsman can be enjoy.
I think I try to add a description to the line of craftsmen.
I believe that almost what was made to the first is the best thing.Of course there are many the well experienced things and the good looking things in the things that was made for a few times. But I like the first things. I feel that a trace of the tray and error is left in such a place unexpectedly,and the appearance is slightly bad, but the curiosity to the unseen thing of the craftsman and to create joy is jammed in there. So I think the best what has no problem to a function and a durability.

I do not feel charm to the architecture that a feeling of curiosity and exciting of the craftsman and joy to make have been lost. The delight of the craftsman continues living forever in the space, if even the function has been consumed in modern architecture. I want to give a client the architecture as a gift. Nobody is able to buy it with money.

Discusion of every other day 0410

What does it mean to make the building for you?

・Self-realization          For society
・Self-establishment     For oneself
・Self-discovery       It's like going to the treasure hunt in my mind.
・Play                          Enjoy my life

What is the architecture or architect that I was affected?

・Almost old japanese architecture.
・I recently noticed that I might be slightly different from other people in how to feel about things since   I was young . When I was the childhood  I believed that every thing has life. I think that such a sense greatly influences it when I make an architecture.
・I have never interested to express anything.
・My interested thing is only to make the space that life is born.




Discusion of every other day

I have been answering some questions from the internship of students every other day for about one hour. I am occasionally going to publish what I answered it then.

Student's questions
How does architecture engage our five senses (see, touch, taste, smell and hearing)? It is very easy to understand the sense of sight because people, not just architects, immediately recognize colours, light, patterns et cetera, but what about the other senses?


The answers
Do not have to watch an architecture with a preconception. 

First impression will become a main part of own originality in the future.

We must have the technique in order to reconstruction them.

But I will not be able to teach a specific method, because the method itself is just own personality.

The important thing is whether how and how much you can find the nature has been existing in there.

And, whether how and how much you are interested and you can love the nature.

Things(Architectures) which will be born in the future will become diverse and tender so as to be deep, if it is divers and deeper and deeper.

We have to always have rich sensitivity and pure mind.

And we can not listen to the material's voice, if we become so.

We must not use the material that we can not have an interest,cannot love.

Architecture does not have to be always easy to understand descriptive.

An architecture always need to wonder.

Affectivity and eternity is coming born from the wonder.